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BodyFitFoods, a place where you can find the art of science and nutrition advice, change your eating habits, allow your body to be “healthy and happy on the inside” and achieve long-term lifestyle and nutrition changes.

Registered Nutriton Coach

We have coached people to lose weight, gain muscle and increase performance. Our custom program works because it is built specifically for you and your lifestyle.

Our Set Of Skills

At BodyFitFoods we are masters of this process. 

Through our personal coaching programs we use this method to help people lose weight, build strength, and develop healthier relationships with food.

And through our programs we help evreyone to become the best version of themselves

Fitness 90%
Nutrition 95%
Meal Plan 95%

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I am a kickboxing athlete and I needed to loose weight for competition. In 2 weeks I needed to loose 4 kg. Before cooperation with BODYFITFOODS I would eat much less than normally. Last days I would not eat at all and drink very little. Cutting of weight used to be hard and unhappy process for me. Then I started working with my BFF coach and felt so much better while losing weight. They adjusted my diet, I lost fat and therefore I didn't have to dehydrate. Even the day before the weighing, I could have a high-quality hearty lunch and a beer. I didn't have to dehydrate at all. Since then, I have continued our cooperation and I am very satisfied.
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